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What do we do?

IslamWise supports new Muslims from their shahdah and beyond. We provide the vital support they need in the early stages of their journey. 

We teach our new Muslim brothers and sisters the basics from tawheed, wudu, salah, quran and help them feel a sense of belonging by integrating them into the Muslim community.

Be a part of this support by helping us do all this by donating towards our cause.

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The Prophet (saw) loved and supported new Muslims and he said:


 ‘None of you will (truly) believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.’ 


(Bukhari and Muslim)


IslamWise have provided me with amazing support from the moment I decided to revert to Islam. I felt supported and felt I had somewhere to turn to. Islamwise has been a huge part of my continued journey.

Louise Morgan

Coventry, UK

My Ramadan buddy was amazing! I’m so glad I signed up! The young lady is very kind and has helped me, she’s also answered any questions and/or concern I have about Ramadan or just Islam itself. Thank you so much!

Damilka Ortega

Marysville, USA

I am really impressed with this service of helping new Muslims around the world. As I live in Thailand, I still consulted with the Sister from England abd sge replied back so quick, Alhamdulilah.

Papatsawan Farah

Chiangmai, Thailand