The emptiness inside can sometimes be hard to explain.

We may be surrounded by loved ones, family, friends and even your own children but still feel lonely. Our emaan levels fluctuate and we know this, we can find it hard to concentrate in salah and obtain khushoo. It can also be a feeling that is just present and make you feel low which sometimes, can make us feel depressed and sad.

If you are feeling like this or are going through a difficulty in your life then join Ustadh Ehsan Arshad this weekend to give you a little uplift, a nudge or gentle push to help you reconnect with your creator and find ways which will fill the emptiness you may be feeling.

Take some actions away from this LIVE ONLINE discussion which you can use when you are feeling lonely on a daily basis, and use this opportunity to discuss some of the specific feelings you may be having.

Make the most of this hour on Saturday with Ustadh Ehsan Arshad and register HERE.

Date: Saturday 25th January

Time: 5:30PM-6:30PM (UK Time)