The Conditions of Shahadah

In the following videos, Shaykh Navaid Aziz explains the six conditions of shahadah.

Episode 1 – What is the Shahadah?


01. Understanding the statement of the Shahadah.

Episode 2 – Having certainity in the Shahadah.


02. Having certainty that Allah (SWT) is our creator, our sustainer and the only one worthy of worship.

Episode 3 – Acceptance of the Shahadah


03. Accepting Allah (SWT) legislation and living our way that has been obligated by Allah (SWT).

Episode 4 – Compliance of the Shahadah


04. What does compliance of the shahadah mean and entail?

Episode 5 – Being truthful with the Shahadah


05. Trying our utmost best to live up to all the conditions of our shahadah.

Episode 6 – Being sincere


06. Being sincere when taking your shahadah and following the example of Bilal (RA).

Episode 7 – Having true love


07. For whom is this love for and what does it entail?

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