The last several months have been very unusual for Islamwise as they have been for most others. We thought we’d give you a quick update on what we’ve been doing to keep everyone occupied!
Over lockdown, our main priority was to move our services online in order for support to continue. The first thing to move online was our one to one appointments. Our one to one’s cover Tawheed, Taharah, Salaah, some Qur’an memorisation and basic Qaida and we continued these through telephone calls, video calls, YouTube links etc.

Islamwise already provided online support through our Tawk chats on our website. We set ourselves a target of responding to 100% of all chats. During the lockdown, many of these conversations were with non-Muslims wanting to learn more about Islam and many went on to take their shahadah with us. In fact, we have had a steady stream of shahadas over the period. It seems that the lockdown gave some people the opportunity to look at the wider picture, explore their purpose and reconnect with Allah (SWT). Alhumdulillah.

We also had a number of new activities and services rolled out for our new Muslim community:

  • A new online Arabic class for absolute beginners, starting with the Arabic alphabet.
  • A Qur’an 1:1 service which had over a hundred reverts sign up. The beauty of this was that if our reverts finish an Arabic course, they could then move on to this and continue with their progress.

We felt that all of us really needed to connect with Allah, more so during this unprecedented time and one of the best ways of getting to know Allah is through His most perfect Names and Attributes.  
Alhumdulillah, we hope the above support has helped our new Muslims community to keep close to Allah over these strange times.
What’s Islamwise doing next?
In the coming months, Islamwise will be:

  • Launching our brand-new online class covering the five pillars of Islam. This will be a part of a series in which we cover the fundamentals of Islam.
  • Releasing its very own podcast – Enlightened, with interviews with new Muslims and others sharing their journey and experiences.
  • Working on a New Muslims mentoring program. With an influx of new Muslims and non-Muslims contacting Islamwise, we need help to support this increased demand. To keep up with our high level of support, we will be creating a program to train up future volunteer mentors inshAllah.    

Lots to look forward to in the coming few months Insha’Allah!

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