What are you doing on Sundays at 11:30am?

We hope nothing because we have something special planned for you sisters!

A whole NEW exciting class to reconnect us with the simple question ‘What is Islam?’

We will start the first session off by delving deeper into the Hadith ‘He came down to teach you your religion’ and breaking it down into steps that can be understood easily by all.

Be sure to join us this Sunday and give your heart an imaan boost in shaa Allah.

START DATE: 26/07/2020
TIME: 11:30AM-12:30PM

This class is strictly for SISTERS and you can register HERE.

**There will be limited places so please book at your earliest convenience

Alhumdulillah, whoever Allah swt guides no one can misguide…

This week Islamwise was contacted by an 18 year old girl who eagerly wanted to become a Muslim.

She said “the kind, loving environment of Muslims is what I want. The atmosphere of people fasting and praying makes me happy”.

She had not yet taken her shahadah as she was afraid that she didn’t know how to pray.

Islamwise directed the young sister to the several courses it runs for New Muslims and a mentor to support her.

By the will of Allah swt, the sister took her shahadah and is now on a journey to strive towards jannah.

The sister is a reminder to us all to lead our youth through love, kindness and allow the beauty of Islam to fill hearts.

Please support the dedicated team at Islamwise and the journeys of new Muslims like this sister.

Journeys worth supporting is our new campaign to support new Muslims and provide them with the aftercare which is much needed.

Check it out HERE.

How to recite Arabic during prayers with Coach Zubair.

This playlist covers how to recite the Arabic words in Surah Al Fatiha when praying. It starts from Bismillah and covers all of Surah Al-Fatiha.

If you would like to download the document for the transliteration you can do so .

GLM Online Education presents Arabic Intensive Online Summer Course.

Our courses are conducted over Zoom in the comfort of your own home.

Expert tuition delivered by experienced and qualified teachers

50% Revert discount available – to claim please email almas@greenlanemasjid.org

Latest shahadah – Allahu Akbar

Around a month ago Islamwise was contacted by a Christian brother who wanted to learn about Islam.

He was particularly interested in the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam. This initial conversation was ‘an eye-opener’ and he had ‘alot to think about’.

The Islamwise team scheduled regular calls in which they discussed many topics and answered the brothers questions.

During his last meeting the brother said ‘everything in Islam makes sense to me, I want to be Muslim’

He has taken his shahadah Alhamdulillah. he is now learning the basics and we have paired him up with his own mentor to continue his one-to-one learning.

To get the reward of supporting this brother and other new Muslims like him please DONATE HERE.

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