Alhumdulillah, whoever Allah swt guides no one can misguide…

This week Islamwise was contacted by an 18 year old girl who eagerly wanted to become a Muslim.

She said “the kind, loving environment of Muslims is what I want. The atmosphere of people fasting and praying makes me happy”.

She had not yet taken her shahadah as she was afraid that she didn’t know how to pray.

Islamwise directed the young sister to the several courses it runs for New Muslims and a mentor to support her.

By the will of Allah swt, the sister took her shahadah and is now on a journey to strive towards jannah.

The sister is a reminder to us all to lead our youth through love, kindness and allow the beauty of Islam to fill hearts.

Please support the dedicated team at Islamwise and the journeys of new Muslims like this sister.

Journeys worth supporting is our new campaign to support new Muslims and provide them with the aftercare which is much needed.

Check it out HERE.