Supporting Grantley’s journey after his shahadah

By the permission of Allah, we are blessed to assist many new Muslims here at Islamwise. Some come to us directly to take their Shahadah, some via social media or directly through our website and others may have been Muslim for a while and now need support learning to pray.

Recently we were contacted by Grantley. He told us that he had taken his Shahadah a matter of days ago with a Muslim friend who then referred him to Islamwise. He was very happy to receive a new Muslim gift pack and we have now paired him with a mentor to help guide him on his journey as a new Muslim.

We understand what a privilege and responsibility it is to be able to teach him the prayer and the basics of Islam. May Allah swt continue to help him and guide him.

If you or someone you know needs support after their shahadah or learning more about Islam, please Contact Us.