Ramadan Reflection Hafeeza

Ramadan is still a dream for me I am a convert keeping my Islam secret for 7 years now. Every Ramadan is a hope for me that one day I will do Ramadan and fast in that month ☺️

SubhanAllah from sister Hafeeza, 31, living in India.  Sometimes we can take our fasting, ability to pray, to educate ourselves openly for advantage. For many reverts, keeping their Islam a secret is usually out of fear for their lives or of societal rejection. Family culture and traditions can control the structure and relationships of a household. Yet we find these brave souls, by the mercy of Allah swt, discovering Islam amongst such a tight web.

Alhamdulilah, Sister Hafeeza has kept her emaan, her love for Allah swt for 7 years, not giving up.

Holding on to that rope of Allah swt whilst facing so much aversion from family, friends etc is extremely hard. It takes so much strength and passion in wanting a different lifestyle for yourself. In honesty, it takes a great amount of love and fear of Allah swt with the aim to please Him, to do the right thing. But it usually comes with insults, threats, being ostracised, loneliness, rejection, being told you are mental and so on. Telling your family is not an easy conversation.

Anas bin Malik narrated that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said:

“There shall come upon the people a time in which the one who is patient upon his religion will be like the one holding onto a burning ember.”

Remember this Ramadhan, do not take your Islam for granted. Your ability to fast and pray openly is a blessing. The blessing is this – you can develop yourself inwardly and outwardly. When you are not being restricted or practising in secret, you can really make huge changes in your life, there is no limit to how much you can advance yourself in faith.

We pray Allah swt protects all our revert brothers and sisters, who from fear, hide their faith. We ask Allah swt the Most-Wise, to grant them the ease to practice their faith openly. Ameen.