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I am a healthy woman with a healthy diet and attitude towards food, but after 3 Ramadans of what felt like I had an eating disorder coming upon me, I decided to do what felt right and good to me – I had a fish finger sandwich for IFTAAR, yep not a date, not a samosa, not a giant plate of meat and rice. That was it, I could eat, focus and enjoy my Ramadan.

Here I am on my 8th Ramadan. I feel no pressure, no anxiety, I just hope for a blessed month for all the ummah Insha’Allah. I have spent all my Ramadans in a small town. I have had iftars alone and helped at charity iftars. I have spent Ramadans as the only Muslim in the house. I have had iftars where I could hardly eat a piece of fruit at iftar as I had gone beyond hunger and where I was nearly sick at the sight of piles of meat and oil on other plates.


The expectations for Ramadan are all around us, what is best to eat, to drink, to read when to sleep etc. etc. But now I know quite simply, I can eat what I want for iftar and a little at suhoor is a sunnah, and what I have been asked to do at Ramadan is FAST. Yes, there are blessings in abundance in this month but if I have done my 30 fasts, I have done what Allah asked of me. Your relationship with Allah is just that YOURS. Know what Allah expects of you and strive to enjoy Ramadan. Allah knows your intentions. Find small Islamic practices to add to your daily routine, to continue with after Ramadan, small and consistent is good.

Now I am off to the shops for bread butter and fish fingers.

SubhanAllah, such an upbeat blog by sister Andrea, 56, English living in England; as described. She really has put a smile on my face. A beautiful reminder to not be excessive in Ramadhan.

Moderation in Ramadan is a great time to get into a habit that should be practised all year round. The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has advised the stomach is the worse vessel to overfill, to only eat enough to keep your back straight, that food for one is enough for two and so on.

“O Children of Adam…eat and drink, but not excessively: verily, God does not like the excessive” (7:31).

As sister Andrea also reminds us, there are several reverts eating alone this Ramadan…please share your food with a person who needs your kindness more than food and may Allah swt reward you for filling a person’s heart this Ramadan.

Have an amazing 10 days!