Ramadan Reflection Week 4

Week 4:  Introspection and Acceptance With the end of Ramadan upon us, we must ask ourselves; what have we achieved from this month?  Are we the same as when we entered the month or have we changed, have we improved; has our connection with Allah become stronger? We spent the nights praying and reading Qur’an and the day abstaining from food and drink.  We would see the Masjid full to the brim, faces you had never seen before and in reality, you probably will not see again until next Ramadan. We need to understand that it does not end here; doing good deeds does not end by the ending of Ramadan.  The Lord you worshipped and strived to please in Ramadan is the same Lord you need to strive to worship outside of Ramadan.  The same Qur’an you read in Ramadan is the same Qur’an you need to be reading outside of Ramadan.  This goes for all the acts of worship you done inside of Ramadan, from giving in charity to performing I’tikaaf in the Masjid, all this can still be done outside of Ramadan. We know the Salaf used to supplicate to Allah for six months asking Him to get them to the month of Ramadan; and then they used to supplicate for six months that Allah accepts their fasting and other worship in Ramaḍan. We ask Allah Almighty to accept our fasting, qiyaam , and righteous deeds and that he blesses us with many more opportunities to witness the month of Ramadan, ameen!
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