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Founded in 2012, IslamWise is a registered charity in the UK dedicated to conveying the true message of Islam with the entire world and supporting new Muslims globally. We aim to achieve this by developing a comprehensive online support model and empowering individuals/organisations through our training and materials to convey Islam and support new Muslims in their communities at a grassroots level. 

Our Vision

A world fulfilling their true purpose in life by worshipping God.

Our Mission

To follow the Prophetic way of nurturing souls through education and support.

Our Work

Al-hamdulilah, IslamWise has grown ever since its establishment in 2012 by the grace of Allah. We have taken over 500 shahadaa’s and supported over 2000 new Muslims across 42 countries. We currently have da’wah teams in Birmingham, London and Mombasa (Kenya). Our da’wah materials continue to be distributed by da’wah stalls and Mosques around the globe.  We have empowered organisations to support new Muslims across the UK, Hong Kong and Australia!   

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Giving Da'wah

Conveying Islam to the world

New Muslim Support

Supporting new Muslims locally and globally.


Empowering individuals and organisations