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Giving Dawah

Our aim in giving da’wah, inviting people towards Islam, is to deliver the true authentic message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We are active in a number of ways to achieve this aim with the support of Allah. 

Dawah Stalls IslamWise

Dawah Stalls

Conveying Islam across multiple locations in Birmingham, London and Kenya

Dawah Literature IslamWise

Islamic Literature

Providing our range of free literature to individuals and organisations

Dawah Lecture Tours

Lecture Tours

Organising tours delivering lectures to Muslim and non-Muslim audiences  

Mosque Open Days IslamWise

Mosque Open Days

We partner with Green Lane Masjid to deliver an annual Mosque Open Day 

Online Chat

Online chat

Available throughout the week for non-Muslims to ask about Islam

Dawah Videos

Dawah Videos

Producing short clips to share the true message of Islam through social media

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