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How can I become a Mentor?!

Do I need qualifications?

We all have a profuse desire to help our newly reverted brothers and sisters to teach them more about our beautiful religion and strengthen their emaan. This may be, because we know the reward that comes with this or we have an innate burning desire to help.

But more often than not – we lack confidence, we don’t know if we are doing it right.. or even how to support them properly and we stop in our ways.

We HEAR you and that is why our ‘New Muslim Online Mentor Meetup‘ will be talking about how we can do this on Sunday 09th February.

Topic: ‘How to START supporting new Muslims – Where do I start?’

Coach Zubair will be giving you direction, tips and development ideas that you can put in practice in sha Allah and start your journey to helping others for the sake of Allah(SWT).

Date: Sunday 09th February
Time: 4PM-5PM (UK Time)

ONLINE – Register HERE

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