Live Webinars

Islamwise and Sisters Tarbiyah present:

Lessons from the Hadith of Jibreel Alayhi Salaam

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Monthly Sessions

  • He Came to Teach you your Religion – The Hadith
  • I Bear Witness – The Shahadah
  • A Garden of Worship – The Salah
  • Purification of Wealth – The Categories of Zakat
  • The Abstention – Sawm
  • The Pilgrimage – The Rites of Hajj
  • Faith – The levels of Imaan
  • Our Innate Need – Belief in Allah
  • The Subservient Ones – Belief in the Angels
  • The Words of Allah – Belief in the Books
  • The Chosen Ones – Belief in the Prophets
  • The Divine Decree – Belief in Qadr
  • The Ultimate Goal – Ihsan and its levels.

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Start date: Sunday 26th July 
Time: 11:30AM – 12:30PM

This class is by registration only.