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Featured Course

The Basics of Islam – Delivered by Ustadh Omar Al Taalbi

A short 6-week course. Learn the basics that every Muslim needs to know about Islam, develop a love for Islam and turn this knowledge into action as well as building a bond of brother/sisterhood with your classmates. 

Each 60-minute class will be delivered in a simple and interactive style, covering the following topics:

– Method of Seeking Knowledge
– Pillars of Islam
– Pillars of Faith
– Importance of Tawheed (Monotheism)
– Dangers of Shirk (Polytheism)
– Basics of Wudhu (ablution) and Ghusl (ritual bath)
– Basics of Salah (prayer)

The course will be also be streamed live over Zoom, for those who cannot attend live in person.

Monthly Sisters Webinar

Islamwise and Sisters Tarbiyah present:

Bow Down

A 12 week course, covering The Prayer and its rulings. 

Take up this amazing opportunity to learn in depth about this most important act of worship that you perform 5 times every day. Join us to learn:

How to correct mistakes commonly made in prayer and finally pray without confusion and worry.

Develop Khushoo by understanding the meanings behind the actions and supplications.

The pillars, wajibaat and Sunnahs of the Prayer.


Start date: Friday 3rd December 2021

Time: 5:30PM – 7:00PM

Location: Option to study online (via Zoom) or onsite at the Masjid

This class is for Sisters and by registration only.
After registering if you do not receive a confirmation email immediately please check your spam/junk mail.

The cost of the course is usually £30 but sponsored places are available via Islamwise. 

Please contact us at info@islamwise.org to receive the voucher code.