The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

Verily, the angels lower their wings for the seeker of knowledge.’

(Sunan Abi Dawud)

Islamwise Brothers Arabic Essentials Level 2

We running our Arabic Essentials Level 2 course, conducted over Zoom in the comfort of your own home.

The course will cover “Complete Qa’idah” and the “Rules of Tajweed” (these must be purchased in advance).


– Students should have completed “Gateway to Arabic Book 1” or similar

– The recognition of the Arabic letters in their isolate and joined form

– As well as basics rules of Arabic including three short vowels: fatha, kasra and damma, Nunation (al-tanween), the three long vowels (al-madd), Al-sukun, Al-shadda and the sun and moon letters

Learning Outcomes:- Be able to read Quranic Arabic and progress to regular Quran lessons
– Understand the basics of Arabic and be able to progress to an Arabic programme

Duration of the programme: Twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday from 7pm-8pm, for 12 weeks.

Course fee is normally £65 but free for Revert Muslims – please email info@islamwise.org for a link.

Lessons from the Hadith of Jibreel Alayhi Salaam

Islamwise is pleased to announce a new series of monthly webinars for sisters only.

Topics include:

– He Came to Teach you your Religion – The Hadith
– I Bear Witness – The Shahadah
– A Garden of Worship – The Salah
– Purification of Wealth – The Categories of Zakat
– The Abstention – Sawm
– The Pilgrimage – The Rites of Hajj
– Faith – The levels of Imaan
– Our Innate Need – Belief in Allah
– The Subservient Ones – Belief in the Angels
– The Words of Allah – Belief in the Books
– The Chosen Ones – Belief in the Prophets
– The Divine Decree – Belief in Qadr
– The Ultimate Goal – Ihsan and its levels.

Every third Sunday of the month from 11.30-12.30pm.

The webinars are aimed at new Muslim sisters but will be open to all sisters to take benefit from in shaa Allah.

 ‘None of you will (truly) believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.’ …the most beloved of deeds according to Allah the Mighty, the Magnificent, is that you bring happiness to a fellow Muslim, or relieve him of distress..


Tabarani – Hasan, Silsilah Saheeha, Al-AlBani

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