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New Muslims

IslamWise has been educating and supporting new Muslims, male and female, since 2012 from our base in Birmingham (UK). Our services for new Muslims are not limited to those in Birmingham, Al-hamdulilah, through online methods we are interacting and providing support to new Muslims around the world! 

See below a comprehensive list of free services IslamWise is providing to support new Muslims, male and female, no matter when they became a Muslim!

Providing face-to-face consultations to discuss any issue or topic

Providing new Muslims with personal mentors to support and guide them

Teaching new Muslims how to correctly perform wudhu and salah

our work in

Giving Dawah

Our aim in giving da’wah, inviting people towards Islam, is to deliver the true authentic message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We are active in a number of ways to achieve this aim with the support of Allah. 

Dawah Stalls IslamWise

Dawah Stalls

Conveying Islam across multiple locations in Birmingham, London and Kenya

Dawah Literature IslamWise

Islamic Literature

Providing our range of free literature to individuals and organisations

Dawah Lecture Tours

Lecture Tours

Organising tours delivering lectures to Muslim and non-Muslim audiences  

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