Alhumdulillah, over 2019 we received around 400k Quran translations from our Kuwait supporters to distribute freely.

The team worked frantically to distribute these across the UK and internationally to dawah organisations and duat working with non-Muslims or new Muslims.

By the grace of Allah, we managed to achieve this mammoth task. Here are some of our pictures and videos.


First Container Quran Delivery

Second Container Quran Delivery

London Quran Delivery

12,000 copies sent to London dawah teams

Nottingham Quran Delivery

Copies sent to Nottingham dawah teams

London Leicester Square Dawah Table


  • Box of Qurans given to a gymnasium in Nottingham
  • Qurans given to gym members

Manchester Delivery Picture

  • A pallet of Qur’an translations reached Manchester
  • This shipment supplied da’wah teams in Manchester, Bolton and Leeds

Leeds & Mombassa, Kenya Quran Deliveries

London & Birmingham Dawah Tables

Melbourne, Australia Delivery

Slough Dawah Table

Bradford Dawah Table

Bradford Dawah Table

Slough Delivery

Slough delivery

Manchester Dawah Table

Manchester Dawah Table

Cardiff, Wales Delivery

Cardiff (Wales) Delivery

Newcastle Dawah Tables


University of Birmingham


University of Birmingham Islamic Society

Ghana Delivery


London Delivery

  • 30,000 Qurans to distribution partners


  • 2,040 Qur’an (34 boxes) given to a Dawah organisation (IDCI in Birmingham)
  • To be distributed for free through their website for new Muslims and non-Muslims
Birmingham  Delivered to IDCI organisation

Hong Kong Delivery

Hong Kong Delivery
Hong Kong Delivery
Hong Kong Delivery

Wolverhampton Dawah Table


Perth, Australia Delivery

Advertising for Quran Distribution

Distributed as gifts at GLMCC Gala Dinner

Sheikh Adnan Visiting Storage Area 

New Muslim Welcome Packs

The Prophet (saw) loved and supported new Muslims and he said:

 ‘None of you will (truly) believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.’ 

(Bukhari and Muslim)

 ‘None of you will (truly) believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.’ …the most beloved of deeds according to Allah the Mighty, the Magnificent, is that you bring happiness to a fellow Muslim, or relieve him of distress..

Tabarani – Hasan, Silsilah Saheeha, Al-AlBani

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