Ramadan Reflections Sarah

Today’s blog is written by a very special friend of mine. She is a White British revert and has been a Muslim for over 14 years. Sarah inspires me in every single conversation I have with her. It is her sincerity for wanting to be better and her genuine gratitude for being a Muslim that I love. She is a quiet, reflective, inner peace and calm type, whilst I’m a reflect then talk and talk and get over-excited type!

Sarah has overcome many tests mashaAllah by keeping close to Allah swt, and to her husband. She is doing an incredible job of raising amazing children; so when you read this know that it comes from a place of wisdom.

As salaamu Alaikum…

Ramadaan for me I think has always been a little difficult. Since becoming a Muslim many years ago…that feeling of being incredibly hungry but wanting to feel a sense of peace and connection…and not always achieving it…not until my own children started to want to fast. 

The past few years have been incredible for me, watching my children have a desire to fast the month with us, watching them grow, taking them to taraweh was when I really felt Ramadaan. Not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally. 

Having little family traditions that will live within them forever, praying together, abstaining from food and water together, learning together, growing together was the real highlight for me. 

Last year my eldest daughter said to me that she had her best ever Ramadaan, she felt that she had attained a real connection with Allah and really benefited from her fasting and all of the ebadah that she had done – may Allah accept it from her and from all of us aameen. 

Of all the struggles that we go through as reverts these moments of connection with Allah and our children are the things that I’m eternally grateful for. 

May Allah allow us to reach Ramadaan and make it our best yet!!!



Once you experience that connection with Allah swt and that sweetness, you will find that He gives you so much strength in continuing through all of life’s struggles. Allah swt is surely the giver of ease, the most gentle, loving and most powerful. That sweet moment will keep you going just to taste that sweetness all over again. You will have the strength to get through everything because you know Allah swt is with you in every moment. Nothing else matters.

May Allah swt bless Sarah and all her family, Ameen.

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