Adjusting to a new way of life

Sister Martina came to the masjid with her sister who had become a Muslim elsewhere, but had been receiving support from the Islamwise team since her conversion to Islam.

We had a long and relaxed conversation which ended in her becoming a Muslim, Alhamdullilah!

She is still a little overwhelmed, but with the support of the Islamwise team she is taking the small and measured steps needed to incorporate Islam into her life.

The rest is history

Christina called the Islamwise team because she was interested in learning more about Islam.

After the first meeting with the team, she already felt more drawn to Islam. An appointment was made for the following Friday.

Before Friday even arrived, the Islamwise team received a message saying that she wanted to take her shahadah!

The rest is history, and sister Christina is now learning how to pray and regularly attends our events.

The Prophet (saw) loved and supported new Muslims and he said:

 ‘None of you will (truly) believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.’ 

(Bukhari and Muslim)

A true family affair

Brother X took his shahadah with Islamwise a couple of years ago. While learning with the Islamwise team, he was sharing the gems he was picking up with his older sister.

By the guidance of Allah, she also took her shahadah this year. Alhamdulillah, shortly after this, their younger sister decided to take the same step and also took her shahadah with the team!

All three are now being educated with the Islamwise team. A true family affair!

The tenets of Islam

Keioni was brought in by some friends to see the Islamwise department in early 2019.

After a discussion about the beliefs and tenets of Islam, Keioni took his shahadah immediately and has been continuing his journey over the year, with the support of the Islamwise team.

Keioni has since moved to Brighton to start a medical degree but is still in contact with the team that provide him with regular support.

Alhamdulillah, it’s great to see such youth coming into the deen and progressing with their Islamic and secular education.

 ‘None of you will (truly) believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.’ …the most beloved of deeds according to Allah the Mighty, the Magnificent, is that you bring happiness to a fellow Muslim, or relieve him of distress..’


Tabarani – Hasan, Silsilah Saheeha, Al-AlBani

A whirlwind of a year!

Brother Abian visited the Islamwise team at the end of our winter conference in December 2018.

He took his shahadah on the same day as his visit and has been learning with the team ever since.

He has been one of our fastest learners having learned the essentials, and how to pray within just a few months. He has since got married and is expecting his first child.

Quite a whirlwind of a year!

We pray that Allah makes the child the coolness of their parents’ eyes.

Learning more day by day

Sister X came to visit Islamwise in Ramadan 2019. As a nurse, she came across many practising Muslim doctors and nurses, which fuelled her interest in Islam and led her to do her own research.

After coming across the Islamwise website, she eventually decided to come to visit the Islamwise team who were happy to talk to her about Islam, and eventually helped her to take her shahadah.

The wider team of Islamwise volunteers have been helping Sister X by inviting her to dinners and iftars to help her feel part of her new Muslim Community.

Alhamdulillah, she recently began wearing a headscarf and is learning more day by day.

I was afraid of coming into a mosque… 

I came to IslamWise in January of 2019, so it’s been over a year now. I was afraid of coming to the mosque and did not know what to expect.

The mosque was unable to help but they said IslamWise would be able to support me. At the time I did not know how much support IslamWise would actually give.

From being afraid of entering the mosque I am now able to pray, read the Quran, do wudhu and I have many Muslim friends.

Thank you to IslamWise.

IslamWise is the best!

IslamWise is the best! Brother Waqas is but in all aspects Alhamdulillah. I always call him to update him about my progress.

My whole family knows of him and are happy that I’ve met such a good brother.

From the very first day, he understood my needs and created a tailored plan of steps I should take in learning Islam. He told me, when to slow down and when I need to push myself. He also told me that he would empower me and grant me independence.

I am now a strong independent Muslim and a lot of this is from the support I receive from IslamWise.

Jazak Allahu Khayrun IslamWise.

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