Sister’s Book Club

Join our Exclusive Book Club designed for revert sisters, providing a secure and inclusive environment to connect, learn, and grow together. Each month, we delve into thought-provoking books covering spirituality, personal growth, Islamic history, and women’s issues, fostering meaningful discussions that deepen our understanding of Islam. Our dedicated facilitators guide respectful conversations, ensuring diverse perspectives are valued and shared. By participating, you expand your knowledge, gain insights from fellow revert sisters, and embark on a transformative literary journey to strengthen your faith. Join our supportive community, connect with like-minded sisters, and experience the joy of reading, learning, and growing together within this exclusive and nurturing space. Mezzanine area upstairs, via Entrance E Creche Facilities Classrooms Boys under nine can attend Refshirments Served £5 Registration   Start Date: Saturday 20th January Start Time: 10:30am to 11:30am Only 20 Places available ! Note this is for event is for New Muslim Sisters ONLY. You must be over the aged 17 or above to register


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